Partnering With Practice Groups


Practicing Insight Dialogue in groups connects us and offers a community of spiritual friendship dedicated to a path of wisdom and compassion. Practicing together reminds us that we awaken, together. Together we gain practice toward integrating Insight Dialogue principles into our lives off the cushion, cultivating a Whole Life path.

Group practice of Insight Dialogue is straightforward and accessible: a practice group may be formed anywhere, in someone’s home or by meeting online. Insight Dialogue groups offer practice opportunities between retreats, reminding us of what is possible in relational awareness and in bringing the Dhamma into shared inquiry. Group practice may also serve as an entry portal for those who have not yet experienced Insight Dialogue.

Metta Programs can be a vital resource for practice communities, helping link them to Insight Dialogue teachers and practice materials. We seek to solidify our relationships with known groups and to invite unidentified or emerging communities of practice to join in this partnership. Acquiring a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of how diverse groups conduct their practice, how they are organized and what support they wish for their community, allows us to more effectively support all communities in their investigation. In the coming weeks, Metta will be reaching out to solicit feedback on exactly these questions. If you are a member of a practice group and feel moved to offer your ideas, please contact Rachel.

If you would like to join an existing group, please visit our groups page to see if there is a group listed in your region, or consider dropping into one of our online sessions.