Anti-Racism Education and Action Team

The purpose of the Insight Dialogue Community Anti-Racism Education and Action Team (IDC-AREA) is to support our commitment in becoming an antiracist, multicultural organization. With this intention, we commit to evolving antiracist practices across our community, including all sangha gatherings, Insight Dialogue retreats, and in our organizational structures.

As an evolving global community dedicated to spiritual freedom and ethical action, we see that our freedom is linked to the freedom of all beings. 

We acknowledge the innumerable ways that grave harm is caused by systemic racism. To engage relational Dhamma practice as a whole-life path, we commit to unraveling our internal racial conditioning and work towards decolonizing our hearts, minds, and sangha. We aim for a more integrated and balanced life with all people and the natural world. This is a lifelong learning practice.   

With this overarching intent, we are committed to: educate ourselves, listen to and learn from and with people who identify as Black Indigenous and People of Color, de-center and dismantle white supremacy culture, and act for racial justice. Through this essential work, we share the radical intention of transforming human consciousness. 

AREA commitments for 2023 include:

  1. Support Black Indigenous and People of Color Insight Dialogue Dharma community development. A key component of this commitment is to devote significant resources to cultivating a cohort of Black Indigenous and People of Color Insight Dialogue teachers and facilitators.
  2. Grow the Insight Dialogue Beloved Community through gatherings that support more bridging between peoples of all races and cultures within the Insight Dialogue Community.
  3. Integrate awareness and education about the harm caused by white supremacy culture, and the benefit of dismantling it as an intrinsic part of awakening. We will identify mechanisms to cultivate this awareness in Insight Dialogue teachers and facilitators, individual practitioners, practice cohorts and organizational leadership. This includes our continued support for the work of the Insight Dialogue Awakening White Awareness Cohort.
  4. Encourage engagement in social justice actions.

The AREA Team is a group of Insight Dialogue Community members currently located in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The team has a culture of consensus and spiritual friendship, and we incorporate Insight Dialogue practice into our meetings. We are actively engaged in this important work and welcome new voices and perspectives. If you are interested in joining us, please email