4 Cs: Connection, Culture, and Conflict in Community


Our team seeks to strengthen the Insight Dialogue community through cultivating relational attunement in both interpersonal and systemic dynamics.  We value conflict as a generative and intrinsic part of awakening together as Sangha.  We draw on the teachings of Insight Dialogue and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), weaving together the wisdom of relational Dhamma with the NVC flow of empathy and honesty. Our vision is to co-create a culture that nurtures the capacity and confidence to fully embrace each person’s truth, even in the midst of minor misalignments or major ruptures.  

What is NVC?

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi’s famous line was often quoted by Marshall Rosenberg to describe the field of NVC.

At its core, NVC nurtures an awareness of interdependence through communicating honestly and empathically such that profound, compassionate understanding and care are awakened within and among us. Connecting deeply with ourselves and one another, we come to appreciate our common humanity and feel motivated to explore outcomes that address the needs of all involved.

Through an emphasis on deep listening and honest expression— internally and externally—NVC helps us access our capacity for authentic, compassionate connection.  (For more information on NVC, please visit www.cnvc.org.)

Team Members

Our team currently consists of six Insight Dialogue practitioners with NVC backgrounds. Collectively, 4Cs team members have many decades of experience with Dhamma, the Insight Dialogue Community, and NVC. Five of us have offered NVC trainings in formal settings. (Click here for member bios.)

Team members (left to right): Lucy Leu, Vancouver, BC; Stephanie Bachmann Mattei, Tampa Bay area, FL; Christine King, Greenbrae, CA; Nicola Redfern, Santa Fe, NM, Ruby Phillips, Seattle, WA; Tzuming Liao, Chicago, IL.