Teaching Community Coordinating

The Insight Dialogue Teaching Community includes all who are directly engaged and dedicated to offering Insight Dialogue.

The Insight Dialogue Teaching Community is supported by a coordinating team, which meets monthly. The coordinating team offers a foundation in which practice related initiatives and learning and teaching experiences can be brought forth, explored and developed. Our activities include supporting teaching/co-teaching opportunities online and in person, providing a map for an integrated and progressive path of offering practice (referred to as “Possibilities of Engagement”), connecting those offering practice with mentors, developing teaching resources, and serving as an information hub for those offering Insight Dialogue. Together, we come up with more creative ways to meet the needs of this learning/teaching sangha.

Team members (left to right): Mary Burns, Chapel Hill, NC; Jane Cutler, Bristol, England; Marieke Duijvestijin, Groningen, Netherlands; Phyllis Hicks, Chapel Hill, NC; Dave Leggatt, Toronto, ON; Janet Surrey, Newton, MA; Nynke Humalda, Leiden, Netherlands; Anita Bermont, Portland, OR; Stefan Hanser, Berlin, Germany; Holly Nelson-Johnson, Chicago, IL.