Author: lori.ebert

Considera possibilidades de uma paz interior transformadora apontada pelo Buda.

It considers some of the ways the Buddha points to the possibility of a transformative inner peace (in Portuguese). Offered March 2022, online

Guided introduction to Insight Dialogue Guideline Pause. Offered online at the Voices of Awakening Retreat, December 29, 2021.

Considera a aplicação dos quatro viharas Brahma em nossas vidas relacionais baseado no ensinamento do Thich Nhat Hanh.

Consideration of the application of the four Brahma viharas in our relational lives (in Portuguese). Offered January 2022, online

Uma pequena introdução, leitura do sutta seguido por sugestões de contemplação para levar para o dia.

It begins with a short talk, followed by the reading of the sutta, ending with a short contemplation (in Portuguese). Offered February 2022, online


Uma pequena introdução, leitura do sutta seguido por uma meditação guiada terminando com sugestões de contemplação para levar para o dia.

It begins with a short talk, reading of the sutta, ending with guided meditation and contemplation (in Portuguese). Offered February 2022, online.

In this video Gregory Kramer, the developer of Dharma Contemplation, introduces the practice to the Tilorien Dharma Contemplation Group. This teaching was recorded on September 14, 2020.

Uma pequena introdução e meditação guiada.  Short talk on mudita (sympathetic joy) followed by a guided meditation (in Portuguese). Offered April 2022, online

This Dhamma talk provides a reflection on the  Stages of Dharma Contemplation Practice and the three bases of Insight Dialogue. It was offered on June 14, 2021 in honor of the 1 year anniversary of the Tilorien Dhamma Contemplation Group.

This talk considers the benefits of spiritual friendship in meeting the difficult. “In the presence of spiritual friends you can feel the ‘being with’; a compassionate caring based on trust and dharma…..Feeling the compassionate caring of the other allows us to touch what is difficult and painful. Nothing is left out.” Offered in October 2018 in Barre, Massachusetts.

Guided Anapanasati meditation and contemplation. An interpersonal practice of the mindfulness of breathing sits on a foundation of intrapersonal, knowing breathing internally, breathing externally in the other and both internally and externally. Offered March 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Parts: 1. In silence, guided: Int, Ext, Both; 2. Internal—A (first speaker)-B (second speaker)-AB (dialogue); 3. External—A-B-AB; 4. Int + Ext—B-A-AB; 5. Open awareness; 6. How was practice?