Author: Phyllis Hicks

In this second portion of a two-part talk, Phyllis Hicks describes how we “keep it real” by showing up to whatever is here now. By bringing presence to the difficulty and knowing the reactivity, the mind grows bright and we can know what it is to be caught.  We are cultivating a path that leads to the cessation of suffering. Offered September 2012 in Darp, Netherlands.

This short metta meditation points to how our willingness to turn towards what is here now is the essence of loving-kindness. In this knowing, we respond with wisdom and find happiness in taking care of ourselves and extending love to all others and beings. Offered September 2012 in Darp, Netherlands.

Reflections on how the Insight Dialogue guidelines can help orient us toward mindfulness when we forget. We pause, relax and open to investigation. Offered September 2012 in Darp, Netherlands.

This recording offers a guided practice for a group that has already practiced with all of the Insight Dialogue guidelines. It begins with meditation instructions for calming the mind, settling into the moment, and inviting opening with a bright mind to the internal and external. The contemplation concerns noticing the effort and energy to support a path of release and noticing where there is identification. The second part of the contemplation focuses on what is already here. A practice group may use the recording by pausing the recording at the sound of the bell to practice together and then resume after a period of time by returning to the audio for continued guidance. Offered September 2012 in Darp, Netherlands.