The practice of Dharma Contemplation provides would-be readers of the suttas with an embodied, accessible doorway into this rich vein of wisdom. Although it can be practiced individually, Dharma Contemplation, like Insight Dialogue, was developed as a relational meditation practice.

These drop-in sessions will begin with silent practice, followed by contemplating a short excerpt from the Buddha’s teachings. The facilitators will guide participants through the five distinct phases of dhamma contemplation practice. We will engage with the text and one another, speaking the truth and listening deeply. Participants move from engagements with just the words of the text, then to the emotional resonances it evokes. This leads to a cognitive investigation of the meaning, discernment of its essence, and finally, setting the text aside to engage in an exploration of present moment experience using the Insight Dialogue guidelines: how has this life been touched by the Buddha’s words?

These drop-in sessions are open to anyone with prior silent meditation practice experience and prior Insight Dialogue practice experience (e.g., participation in an Insight Dialogue retreat or introductory Insight Dialogue course). You may join this drop-in group once, occasionally, or every other week; it’s up to you.

The online sessions will take place via Zoom (web video conferencing). Please contact the teachers to join.

There is also a Third Saturday Monthly Dharma Contemplation practice.