Kalyana-mittata Retreat: A Daily Life Insight Dialogue Retreat

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A mendicant with good friends, companions, and associates can expect to be ethical … can expect to take part in talk about self-effacement that helps open the heart … can expect to live with energy… can expect to be wise … The Vital Conditions for Awakening (AN 9.1)

This annual gathering of friends is a 9-day residential retreat in which the tasks of daily life and Insight Dialogue become a single practice. We will investigate the teachings of the Buddha on the cushion, in the dwelling place and in the marketplace, opening the container of practice to accommodate all.

Accommodation and meals are offered as full dana.

The Kalyanamittata Retreat is offered solely on a donation basis. It receives no financial support from the Loretto Maryholme Retreat Centre or the Insight Dialogue Community. All funding comes from those who have realized the benefit of Insight Dialogue and wish to pass this benefit on to others.

Please receive this wish with an open heart. And if you too are benefited by it, please consider giving back from the heart, whether your donation is small or large, to benefit others.